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Video Creation & Marketing

There are many ways to get your business noticed but Video Marketing is increasing with customers reporting that they would like to see more video content. Let us handle your Video Creation and Marketing needs. We will create marketing videos specific to your business and needs.

Some of the benefits of Video Marketing are:

  • Increasing SEO Rankings

  • Engaging your audience

  • Informing and/or educating your audience

  • Boosting conversions

  • Personalizing the customer experience

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“By 2022, video viewing will account for 82% of all internet traffic” – Cisco

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When you use animated videos in your video sales letter, webinars, YouTube videos, website videos and more, they are the perfect tool for leading your audience exactly where you need them to go

Higher Conversion Rates

Animated videos are amazing at engaging your audience and turning them from watchers into buyers.

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Simple & Cost Effective

Animated videos communicate a message in a simple and concise way without spending a lot of money on other forms of marketing. 

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Eye Catching

Animated Videos are more visually appealing than boring images that everyone uses, at getting your audience’s attention.

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How effective is video marketing as a conversion tool?

Brands rely on video marketing to elevate their online presence

Most people are too lazy to read the full text on a website or landing page.

An animated explainer video can hook your prospects and help them understand your value proposition.

Savvy business owners and marketers across all industries are getting ahead of the trend by embracing video marketing on their websites and social media accounts.

Explainer videos are so effective because they combine visual and audio stimuli to explain a concept in a simple and understandable way. Providing text and audio has been shown to increase message retention.

Current statistics show that video is the most successful in converting leads to sales.

Videos can elevate a brand's authority

Based on a survey of online marketers ...

71% of respondents say it outperforms text and images.

86% of respondents reported a positive participation rate

69% of those surveyed indicated that the video has been good for lead generation.

Why do animation?

Explanatory videos are a great way to present a topic or concept in a simple way.

Animated videos are a great way to captivate your viewers with rich, colorful, and fun scenes.

Animated explainer videos are so entertaining that consumers are drawn to the story ... making your marketing message that much more effective.

Why do the explainer videos work?

Animation simplifies complex ideas.

Video is an engaging format on its own, but explainer videos are a particularly effective way to engage with people, which is beneficial to both your brand and the viewer in many ways.

The video is easier to digest.

Video is effective because it stimulates the processing centers in the brain.

It is an emotional experience. Video is a great medium because it can provoke strong emotions.

Each production item helps improve this, making it easy to connect in a number of ways.

People retain up to 50% more information if they learn it through a combination of visual and verbal cues. And explanatory videos hold viewers' attention for up to 70% of their total length.

Videos have the highest ROI

Video works well as a long-term investment and video of all the different tools to help you campaign. Their marketing strategy has been proven to be the most profitable.

We Can Bring Your Videos To Life

We create amazing animated explainer videos to attract, entertain, engage and affect your viewers in a positive way.

Benefit Videos

Great for your website/landing page

How To Videos

Explain specific topics in more detail

Testimonial Videos

Build trust and increase credibility 

Demo Videos

Explain the finer details about products/services